Star Wars - The Force Awakens Movie Review

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Succeeds as Part Reboot and Part Remake Flick!

Brain-o-meter Rating: 8/10


Star Wars - The Force Awakens is the seventh installment of the venerable Star Wars franchise which consists of three defining parts with three uneven prequels. Having watched only the fourth part (the first release) and been conversant with the Skywalker family (thanks to Wikipedia), this flick did serve like a part reboot and a part remake flick of sorts. I must tell you here it was a satisfying sci-fi film, much better than many in recent history including the Star Trek series.

The film narrates the story of the aftermath of the death of Darth Vader, recreating the world with thorough precision, utilizing technology to the fullest. The galaxy now faces a new threat from evil Kylo Ren (played astutely by Adam Driver) and the First Order. The defector named Finn (a fantastic John Boyega) crash-lands on a desert planet, where he meets Rey (a vulnerable, yet tough role played immensely well by Daisy Ridley), a scavenger whose droid contains a top-secret map. The adventures reunite the group with the veterans Harrison Ford (Hans Solo) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) too. The screenplay follows the original Star Wars to the tee although it steers its own path to create a successful retelling of the saga. The narrative unfolds briskly touching upon the characters and their hidden strengths on every turn, giving fans the film they wanted and the new crowd enough meat to be curious about what happens next.

The performances are all good from the all star cast but it is Rey played by Daisy Ridley who gets the best screen time and a meaty role for displaying her acting prowess. Adam Driver is perfectly demented and confused as Kylo Ren while John Boyega plays the fumbling defector with ease, getting into the skin of the character. Pleasurable narrative smarts include R2D2 revival, the lightsaber fights and showdown in the climax, the terrific launch of the Millennium Falcon etc.

The technical departments have done their part well. Director J.J Abrams had a tough job directing this flick because of the incredible number of fans to please, but he does a great job behind the screen. John Williams produces a memorable score for the film, while cinematographer Daniel Mindel shoots the action sequences commendably in form with the current trends, although nothing spectacular.  The affectionate tone retained by the director in turn for the first three released movies is visible and is infectious throughout the running time.

Those wishing for a complete overhaul would find this flick a bit underwhelming but would surely be satisfied with the film's story arc as it leaves a lot to be covered up in the next installment. Rian Johnson and Colin Trevorrow are expected to be at the director's helm and seems like Disney is set to make billions from this and the coming films! George Lucas must be kicking himself for giving out the rights to the production house.

If you have not watched this movie, just watch it this New Year. Maybe you will be next in the legion of fans out there...