The Peanuts Movie Review

The Peanuts Movie is a sometimes schmaltzy movie for kids that still stays true to Schulz comic strip

Brain-o-meter Rating - 7/10


Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy and the rest of the gang get the movie treatment in the newest The Peanuts movie, with an innocent, funny, and schmaltzy take on the Schulz famous strip. Staying true to the depiction of each of its characters, The Peanuts movie delivers dollops of exaggeration and slapstick humour that works in bits but falls flat, especially keeping the adult viewers in consideration. Nonetheless the film works for all kinds of kids and adults who are nostalgic about the characters.

The Peanuts movie follows the misadventures of Charlie Brown, the bumbling good-natured kid who develops a crush on his neighbour. His good ol' dog Snoopy in between shows his aviator skills fighting of the Red Baron while trying to save his crush and get her to safety. The other characters pitch in with their own delightful idiosyncrasies that is akin to kids of the same age, with their penchant for hero-worship and collective happiness in playing ice hockey. The narrative is a hit and a miss in most parts as the funny parts struggle too hard to evoke laughter, but eventually lands a chuckle or two in between.

The background score is suitably minimalist and effective. The voice acting suits the characters and their presumed affectations remarkably well. Director Steve Martinos gives the movie an easy charm, and the gorgeous animation helps reliving the strip on screen. But it is a challenge to convert some cliches into narrative segments that would make the viewers feel. The sequences try hard to bring genuineness in the early scenes but within the hour, the movie fizzles out whenever the Snoopy track plays on, enough to evoke sighs out of boredom for adults. The kids for most part, will take the ride along. 

I would not call this film a failure by any counts but surely, the fans of the Peanuts comic strip would feel that it is an opportunity missed.