Wazir Movie Review

Wazir is a hackneyed game of chess that is far-fetched and convoluted, despite above-average performances

Brain-o-meter Rating: 6.5/10


What happens when you think that your opponent in chess is better than you. What if he fails to live up to your expectations and gives up within the first 15 minutes. This is how the movie can be summed up. Here is a disappointing story from Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Nambiar who both try to instill a sense of thrill through contrived twists to reach a climax that is anything but thrilling.

Wazir is one of the original stories from Bollywood which fails to do justice to its characters and lacks a decent, thrilling plot for the same. Bejoy Nambiar's third directorial effort does feature the trademark shot-making in some parts, but fails with respect to his first effort "Shaitan" by far. Featuring strong performances from Farhan and Amitabh, this film had the strength to run amok with creativity, but alas, Nambiar surprisingly understates his directorial powers and leaves the insipid plot to the cast to elevate it.

The music is hummable and the screenplay is steady enough but the plot and characterization lacks bite. Akhtar and Hydari both look great on screen and the actress does look luminous in many frames. The tragedy is a la Talaash and there are bits of pathos that are quite genuinely extricated from the leads. It also seems like Gangster, barring Amitabh. The chess sequences are not fleshed out well although Bacchan gets enough quips on chess to be metaphorically hinting at his plan.

It is Manav Kaul as the sly and slippery politician who steals every frame he is in. The guy played a similar role in Kai Po Che. He has the power to entice the audience with his wily eyes and a no-nonsense demeanour. Wish to see more of this guy, soon.

Contrivances and shoddy plotting aside, Wazir does rely a huge bit on Farhan, Amitabh, Hydari and Kaul for their sharp portrayals. The intrigue was there. Only that it never built up better.