Deadpool Movie Review

Deadpool presents a load of wit, amidst terrific action and innovation in this self-referential super-hero flick!

Brain-o-meter Rating - 8.5/10

Deadpool" is a fast-paced, action-packed and the wittiest comic book movie ever that has a lot of cuss words, foul-mouthed humour and incessant fourth wall breakdowns much alike an Annie Hall on drugs!

It is extremely violent and gory (let me repeat this again so that you do not take your kids to watch it), and well aligned to the character of the comics. Ryan Reynolds is having the time of his life here and even references his previous failures in "Wolverine: Origins" and Green Lantern with some of the best jokes within a movie. Deadpool is unkillable and with the part where he shoots jokes straight to the audience mid-air is what makes this killing machine a great sight to watch and listen to.

Deadpool is a smart aleck with jokes coming in faster than bullets and with innumerable pop culture references related to music, movies and comics, and using his meta self aware status to strike humour with Reynolds himself, is what separates this flick from the rest of the superhero movies.

It also has a love story between Wade (Reynolds) and Vanessa (Baccarin) that borders on intense passion while resting on juvenile attraction too. Although the plot is flimsy, the innovative screenplay makes this movie 2016's Mad Max: Fury Road that breaks stereotypes. The background score is terrific too, that adds to the charm. 

Deadpool puts in a great deal of effort in delivering a perfect comic book adaptation to its messy source material. A must watch for adults. A strict no-no to kids and those who have not grown up! 

Note: The opening scene with Yeh Joota Hai Japani playing in the background, and an Indian driver is hilarious.The blind lady who is cleaning furniture is awesome.

PS: It has the best opening credits of all time!
PPS: Stay back after the end credits since there is a reference to the future of the series!