Valentine's Day Special Movies!

Five Underrated Yet Great Romantic Movies for Grownups that Deserve Viewing!

Since it is the season of love, let me recommend some romantic movies that are underrated in the true sense. Their impact has been profound and more powerful than most commercial so-called entertainers that pose as rom-coms. The list is also interspersed some tragic and dramatic movies. So take your pick based on your taste:

1. Mary and Max
Mary and Max is a great animated movie with an unconventional love story about a 55-year old guy who lives in one part of the world and a 9-year old girl who lives in another part. Set in a time when letters were the only course of conversation for people set in a long distance, this is ultimately a beautiful, tragic and heartfelt story as they grow with time. Highly recommended.

2. A Moment to Remember
This is an heartfelt and subtle love story that resembles the Notebook in plot but is extremely genuine and touching in its narrative. The acting is first-rate too while the direction is absolutely spot on. Get your hankies ready for this one. And also don't get hankered by the Korean language, there are subtitles available too. Ultimately, love is universal.

3. Ijaazat
For the Bollywood lovers, Ijaazat is one movie that one should not miss, especially a matured take on love. Directed by Gulzar, I prefer this over Silsila because this flick has the maturity and the gravitas and the pain that is particularly moving and genuine, without ever being melodramatic. An underrated classic though.

4. Remains of the Day
A Butler who sacrifices his life as part of his loyalty to his master, realizes very late that it was misguided completely. This is an inherently tragic love story that is for grown-ups. And with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson as the leads, this is a terrific James Ivory movie.

5. I'm a Cyborg but that's OK
If quirky love stories are your thing, this Chan Wook Park-directed film is a funny love story of two mental patients, one who believes that she is a cyborg, while the other is a kleptomaniac. A terrific and unique love story from Korea, again!

Here are some other recommendations that might not actually be underrated depending on where you live (note: popular movies are excluded mostly)
Little Manhattan
Let the Right One In (Swedish)
Rust and Bone
Raincoat (India)
Devdas (popular in India)
Tell No One (French action)

What is your favorite underrated romantic movie? Any more suggestions you would like to add?