Rocky Handsome Movie Review

This Thriller from Somewhere, Goes Nowhere in Terms of Soul, but Hits Everywhere in Terms of Action!

Brain-o-meter Rating: 7/10

Rocky Handsome is a bombastic vanity project for John Abraham which is also a frame-to-frame remake of The Man from Nowhere, barring the girlfriend angle and some songs. Although it is faithful in screenplay, it lacks the inherent soul of the original.

John Abraham plays a mean pawnbroker who lends money to people, who has a soft corner for an 8-year old child. He goes on a bloody spree when she is kidnapped to rescue her. Not much in terms of plot, but Koreans had executed the action thriller with finesse keeping the identity of the pawnbroker undisclosed. The brooding action hero breaks all hell loose with his antics, beating the baddies to pulp but the emotional angle and connection with the child gives heft to the proceedings.

Kamat's film on the other hand is lazy and cliche-driven, as it puts subtlety to sword. Giving the hero a patriotic and a romantic track, the genuineness is totally lacking. Even the child mouthing those lines appear rehearsed. Had there been less flashbacks and more connection to the child, Abraham's bloody vengeance could have been a lot more emotional and strong.

Shruti Haasan only features in the cliche-ridden romance angle. Nathalia Kaur has an itsy-bitsy role of a dancer and a mother, which is completely just for adding glamour. Ditto for Nora Fatehi who rocks the party. The baddies played by Kamat and Ted crack too many jokes to intimidate anyone, although they butcher people relentlessly. Suhasini Mulay is wasted in her short role too.

The dialogues also play spoilsport as they are downright childish and fake. For a gritty thriller like this, the dialogues and the emotional sequences need to be powerful too. Barring John's chiselled charisma and the terrific Hapkido, Krav Maga and Kungfu fights are worthy of least for a single watch. Or better still watch the original with subtitles as I did some years back.