Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Review

Kung fu Panda's third installment delivers a fitting close to the Dreamworks trilogy

Brain-o-meter Rating - 7.5/10

The Kung fu Panda trilogy has been one of Dreamworks' finest efforts in recent years and although the third part teeters in mediocrity in parts, it is a satisfying end to a beautiful trilogy that celebrates identity of other elements. With yet another narrative that stresses on the importance of spirit over bloat, of kindness over hatred and of giving instead of robbing; here is a palatable morality lesson for the ages. 

Aimed particularly at kids and early adolescents, the Kung fu Panda 3 delivers a better tale with visual humour and gimmicks rather than actual philosophy that is sketchily conceived to suit the intended audience.

Jack Black reprises the titular role with aplomb and the other supporting voice artistes are terrific too, especially Cranston who is in top form voicing the big antagonist Li Shan. Credit to the writers to bring some freshness in the dialogues, although the script happens to be a retread of the second part, albeit other than the introduction of the Panda family. All family values come to the fore, the importance of preserving one's identity and to work according to the strengths receives fillip in the climax too. The ingenuity in which basic human values are served to the young audience is commendable. 

The use of oriental score again underlines the setting aptly. And to the animation, well, Dreamworks is getting better and better in terms of visualization of sequences with each passing year. Although Pixar is crowned the numero uno of animation and Studio Ghibli is highly respected in critic circles, Dreamworks has evolved gracefully with more hits than misses in recent years. And with Kung Fu Panda 3, it rounds off one of their best franchises in movie history. Take a bow guys.