The Jungle Book Movie Review

The Jungle Book is a Highly Nostalgic Masterpiece that Surpasses All Previous Versions by Miles!

Brain-o-meter Rating 8.5/10

Jon Favreau, the brain behind Iron Man and the pioneer of the superhero slugfest that followed, might have started another bandwagon with the Jungle Book. By recreating one the world's most loved stories by Rudyard Kipling, Jon blends green screens and state-of-the-art realistic animation to deliver one of the finest films of our times.

Right from the opening scene, where the wolf pack as well as Bagheera chase Mowgli down, the scene where Kaa's hypnotic suggestions almost kills Mowgli, to the scene where Shere Khan makes an entry to the scene where King Louie breaks down the pillars of the temple; every shot and angle is well thought out in the screenplay that never delivers a drab moment in its run time. The humor is spot on with Baloo, the sequences with the honeycomb are hilarious. The film is more closer to the book in narration, rather than the 1967 original Disney flick. Also, the grandeur of the forest is never-before seen and hence worthy of the price of admission alone.

Mowgli played by Neel Sethi puts all previous characterizations to rest, bringing alive the emotions one could associate with the character very well. All the characters are voiced brilliantly by top actors (I watched the Hindi version). But I presume Baloo as Irffan Khan, Nana Patekar as Sher Khan and Kaa voiced by Priyanka Chopra the best as they echoed their characters and their traits with their voice admirably and better than the others, especially Om Puri as Bagheera who was too one note and staid. The climax could have been drawn better too.

The Bare Necessities song is recreated with some witty Hindi lyrics too. And the music is extremely on course with the movie here, realizing some of the best music pieces with some contemporary flavour and beats. I am yet to see the English version and hence will reserve my comments on the voice acting and songs for later.

All in all, this is one great family epic that is unforgettably spectacular in more ways than one.