Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

This Captain America Sequel to Winter Soldier Works Massively even as Avengers Two!

Brain-o-meter Rating: 8.5/10

Anthony and Joe Russo, the directors of the third part of Captain America series are special. They have a Joss Whedonesque sense of spectacle a la Avengers, without going overboard as Whedon went with the Ultron movie neither do they bog down with serious politics that brought down Batman Vs. Superman. They have managed to strike the much-needed balance between humour and stake-worthy seriousness that few could. And for this prime reason, Captain America: Civil War is a fantastic culmination of the series.

The plot involves each of the Avengers being confronted with the devastation that was part of the collateral damage of defending countries from negative powers. This brings the government to restrict the activities of Avengers under a UN mandate that would control the overall operations. Stark admits being guilty of innocent deaths and hence is more than ready to have a check on the activities by signing the Sukovia Papers while Captain America believes that he cannot let innocent deaths weigh them down since they attempt to save as many people as possible. Also, Cap's strong belief that Barnes the Winter Soldier is innocent brings a rift between the two.

This brings us to the strong dilemma established in the movie and the clash between Team Iron Man and Team Cap. Scarlett Johannson literally plays a double agent on both sides. The entry of Spiderman and Ant Man are both funny and smart as they add enough chutzpah to spice up the proceedings. In the absence of Hulk and Thor, each superhero gets the limelight in various scenes, which is incredible to say the least. Avengers is the only other movie that got it right.

Also, it is a rare feat to have clashes between protagonists to fight for their ideologies and beliefs rather than just defeating antagonists. The superhero conundrum is further explored that each superhero begets an equally powerful villain which in itself hints that the destruction and devastation is on them too. Spiderman's third relaunch in 14 years could have been tired exercise but here he is what he should be, funny, smart and extremely swift. Falcon gets to showcase his hidden abilities while Vision and Wanda deliver reveal their vulnerabilities and characters further. The Panther is the weakest link here in terms of performance along with Don Cheadle as Iron Patriot. Jeremy Renner has less to do other than spout out some humour and some cool action scenes. Barnes the Winter Soldier is adequate as a troubled mercenary who is manipulated for violence on more than one occasion. The film's main antagonist is mostly in the background is Daniel Bruhl who manages to create the factions for his own reasons.

The humour is not gags or punches but sly in the context of things, although there are some very laugh-out-loud moments. Each character is back in their groove but it fittingly it is Chris Evans who is admirably up to the job for playing a character who is now termed a vigilante and later on a criminal for siding up with his best friend, Barnes.

This is one of the best superhero movies of all time, right up there with Avengers, The Dark Knight, Deadpool and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Also, this is Avengers 2 as it should have been.

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