Fan Movie Review

This meta movie about a superstar and his fan is Shahrukh's finest since Chak De! India

Brain-o-meter Rating: 8/10

It is heartening to see a superstar become an actor after all these years of dilution of his own star image. With Maneesh Sharma's fan, Shahrukh again manages to reap accolades for a film that explores his own strengths and brings one of his best portrayals since the terrific Chak De.

Sadly, the box office does not translate success for him this time with just about 85 crores in the kitty. But technically speaking, it is one of those rare meta movies that is smart enough to make use of Shahrukh's own life, his success story, the footage and even some of the rumours (the use of eight pack abs for Dard-e-Disco is referenced in the early scenes).

Unlike other Yash Raj Films, this flick has no songs, no glamour and no second lead, making this is a Shahrukh show all the way. This fact is the film's biggest positive point as well as works to its detriment. Shahrukh fans will lap it all up as the fan played by Khan gets his heart broken by the superstar, again Khan himself. The side characters are satisfactory for their parts and the first half is breezy enough too. Post intermission, the screenplay falters and there are some big contrivances that are almost unbelievable that eats up the meat of the story. The chase sequences are overlong and a superstar chasing a fan is too shallow to be genuine enough.

That said, the thriller does work in bits and parts and most of it because Shahrukh plays both parts without missing a beat. The film does focus on obsession of stars in India and does hint at the stupidity of it all after a line is crossed. But true fans do not get any part here.

Credit to Maneesh Sharma though to focus on the meta story that makes it difficult to what is a subtext for Shahrukh fans and the superstar personality and what is true. This is a triumphant idea and a masterstroke with respect to the Baadshah, as he has been ruling the tinsel town for nearly three decades. Watching Gaurav Chandna is a delight as his character is well etched out and even Aryan Khanna is not a typical superstar, with all his egotistical tendencies and anger. It is great to see two fallible characters grapple at each other right till the end and with a story where characterization drives the movie along, it is certainly a rare feat.

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