The Legend of Tarzan Movie Review

The Legend of Tarzan is a reworking of the legend albeit with not too many memorable sequences

Brain-o-meter Rating: 6.5/10

The Legend of Tarzan narrates the story of Tarzan, the ape-man after 10 years from the happenings mentioned in the titular novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. But the problem is that this diversion from the original theme and the new narrative fails to evoke a sense of urgency in any scene despite the fact that Tarzan is equally quick and courageous to make giant leaps all through the forest. Unfortunately, the script does not push the adventure any further than a visit to Africa and the local tribes and then an average climax in the end with lots of CGI animals doing what Tarzan could not, instill some spectacle.

The actors including Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie are decent in their rules but the lacklustre screenplay does not give them enough meat to perform. Alexander, famed for his True Blood avatar and Margot Robbie, the spunky wife of The Wolf of Wall Street can perform well if the material could demand more. That is not the case here.

As for the main villain played by the enigmatic Christoph Waltz, he is too subtle and too classy to play the meanie here. As for one part, he is a talky villain rather than an intimidating character which works against him in the movie. A turgid narrative by David Yates also adds a sombre note to the film canvas, which rather should have dashed with some quick action scenes and adventure. David Yates fails to create magic between the leads and also the story which although panders to modern sensibilities is too insipid to evoke any sense of wonder and entertainment. This is a disappointment coming from the Harry Potter finale director.

Hope to see Yates in good form for his next venture.