Dishoom Movie Review

Dishoom is a slapdash adventure film that is a tedious watch!

Brain-o-meter Rating: 6/10

Dishoom is a Rishi-Dhawan vehicle, which is not bound by a cohesive screenplay and let down by a stupid story most of the times. His first film Desi Boyz brough Akshay and John together and their camaraderie had a spark. This time around, the bromance is nothing special to talk about.

Bromances are usually fun if the right actors are given good content to work with. But alas, John and Varun Dhawan who are well casted do not have ample content to work with. John, especially is saddled with a half-baked role who is mean one minute and consenting to the wildest jokes the next. Varun plays his character earnestly, adding his layer of fun to the underwritten role which is one-dimensional to say the least.

One of high points of the trailers was the return of Akshaye Khanna. He manages to impress in some scenes while looking completely out of place in the next. This is mostly because he is subjected to mediocre writing. The action scenes look cool, but not there are not many of them. Most of the chases are pointless since the contrived circumstances for tracking down the kidnapper take away the effort behind everything here. Saqib Saleem, the kidnapped cricketer has an uncanny resemblance to Virat Kohli, and he does justice to his role, playing like a gifted character and nailing the emotions at the right places. Jacqueline is as usual hammy and shrill while Nargis Fakhri is only in a blink-and-miss role. Parineeti Chopra looks beautiful in her special appearance.

The music is average, the script is a quasi-thriller with no bite, dialogues written half-heartedly and a screenplay, which is broken in more places than one. Sub-par editing also ruins the scenes. The only pluses for the film are the scenic locations, the action scenes (2-3), Varun Dhawan in parts and Saqib Saleem in the early shots. As in the name, this film does have brawn, but no brain.