Kaabil Movie Review

An over-the-top but well directed flick that showcases Hrithik at his best!
Brain-o-meter Rating: 7/10

Sanjay Gupta always had a penchant for gory thrillers and dark plots, but somehow the Roshans managed to tone him down credibly in Kaabil. Here is a flick that maybe manipulative in its intention, but certainly deserves kudos for its balance of emotion. Although, it is a simple revenge tale, the blindness of the leads adds to the pathos. Yet, the makers have restrained themselves in making this a melodramatic affair, which is creditable to say the least.

Hrithik plays a blind dubbing artist, Rohan who meets a blind NGO worker named Sue (Yami Gautam) and eventually they fall in love, and get married. Enter the villains - the corporator and his brother (Rohit and Ronit Roy - a menacing duo), and all hell breaks loose in the romantic fairytale. The revenge saga begins right after the intermission, and the plot moves steadily towards a predictable climax.

The blindness factor is well done in the film, as both leads portray the blind couple credibly. Both the villains play their parts well but the story keeps you interested. But then the juice runs out of the screenplay and all the encounters are just not intelligent enough for you to believe that a blind man would rely on. Somehow, in trying to make a realistic film, the masala factor does not gel well, especially when Rohit is cocksure about his success. The screenplay is a mess in the second half although there are some bits and pieces highlights here and there.

The songs are hummable but nothing to write home about. The cinematography is well done, although Gupta's fetish for green sepia frames robs the first half of its tenderness. There are plot-holes galore but Hrithik's earnestness and understated melancholy is a delight to watch. Yami's performance is one to behold too, as she is very believable in her happiness as well as her pain. Gupta has been known to extract loud performances from his cast and guilty of over-editing his films, but here the actors are restrained, the direction is dark yet breezy while the editing is not over-done at all. All in all, it is one average revenge flick that is elevated by its performances and sure-handed direction.