Baby Driver Movie Review

A high-octane car thriller that blends incredible music tracks, editing wizardry and cinematic references with suave intensity!

Brain-o-meter Rating: 9/10

Hail the film-making wiz kid Edgar Wright who is known for technical genius in whiz-bang movie-making, smart Brit humour, cinematic hat-tips and snazzy scores, all rolled in perfect harmony. He is not much about the plot, but his directorial finesse does have heart, and a soul that is unique in itself.

Baby Driver is for me, the finest action thriller since Mad Max: Fury Road and one of the best movies in a long, long time. The music editing wizardry is at the forefront here, right from the first heist of the movie when the Bell Bottoms track is aligned brilliantly with the timing of the car chase, each drift screech and sudden halt in harmony with the track played by Ansel Elgort's character named the eponymous Baby. Now he has a unique condition. He has a major case of tinnitus, as a result of a childhood accident that he overcomes by putting his headphones on, and by synchronising its beats with his car manoeuvres. Nothing is CGI here, and Baby is uber-cool about all this, mouthing few lines but keeping a boyish demeanour about his criminal tasks. He falls in love ultimately and as classic films go, he wants to get out of the mess, but cannot, till the end.

The supporting cast with A-listers include the smarmy Doc, played with glee by Kevin Spacey as his House of Cards role, along with Jon Hamm, the crowd favorite Don Draper from Mad Men, who does not get to flex his acting chops much here, although his grimacing turn makes for a fine baddie. Jamie Foxx as Bats chews up the scenery with colorful Tarantinoesque dialogues and glorious repartees and brings a lot of charm to the thriller. Joe Bernthal "The Punisher" has little to do here. Lily James just has to look pretty and coy but essentially portrays the moral center of the film for Baby effectively. Eiza Gonzalez, the Mexican bombshell though is magnificent with one line quips, charisma and her gun-toting attitude.

Mind you, it is not just all brilliant choreographed action. Baby's muted communication with his foster father is endearing while his interactions with Lily's character is easy on the eyes and seamless in narrative. The plot is not original or unique, but the screenplay is incredible, as it doffs its hats to countless car movies and thrillers in its quips, shots and interplays without stemming the flow. All credit to the writing and direction of Wright who for me, is a genius like Nolan, Malick, Lynch etc, who are effortless in what they do in their movies. Barring some minor glitches, this film is a marvel.

A clear winner, all the way!

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